My Word for 2020 - Creativity

For the past three years now, I have chosen a word for the year ahead. This word represents something I am going to grow in for the next 52 weeks that will, hopefully, become part of who I am.


2018s word was Focus. This year was all about finding my calling and stripping away things in my life that were hindering me from moving towards it.

I sold possessions and threw stuff away, I deleted old side projects and tried to purge as much unnecessary stuff from my life as possible.

Though 2018 was the year of focus. That doesn't mean that I just stopped it all in 2019. I didn't just start buying back loads of junk again or starting random side hustles every other week.

Each years word is something to learn and incorporate into my life forever. Once I learned what focus meant and how I can apply it to my life, it stuck. I am now more conscious of this things I allow into my life. And I regularly try to purge the items in my house or on my electronic devices to keep my mind and goals focussed. We even got rid of our TV in 2019.


2019s word was Fruitfulness. This was a much harder word to live by than focus. It took about half the year just to learn what it really meant.

At the start of 2019, we had just lost a lot of our savings in some unforeseen ways. So when God told me that fruitfulness was my word for the year, I naturally assumed it would be about making money.

And though we did gain more income over the year, I wouldn't class it as 'fruit' from something specific. It was mainly pay rises and the like. When I thought about fruitfulness, I was thinking of building something like a business or side hustle and seeing income come from it.

That didn't happen.

Instead, I saw fruit in many other ways. I saw fruit in my relationships, my skills, my job, my church and so on. It took a while to really understand what God had for me in 2019. But once I understood and looked back, I saw it all there. I saw the growth I had made and was able to take that and run with it for the rest of the year.

Like I said before though. My fruitfulness doesn't end now in 2020. 2019 was more of a year of learning what that word meant and how to be fruitful. From now on, part of who I am and what I do is to be fruitful.


So as I begin 2020. I am ready to take on a new word and learn loads more this year about who I am and how I live my life. I go into this year with an ability to focus and strip out unnecessary stuff from my life. And I go into this year knowing that I need to aim to be fruitful.

I have also learned that I might not know what exactly God has in store for this year and this word. My first thought when receiving it was MUSIC. As my calling is in music, I just assumed that 'creativity' meant music too. But if I focus too much on just that one aspect of creativity, I might miss what God has in store.

So I need to go into this year knowing these three things:

1 - Focus

I will make sure that this is still a part of me. I will still be removing things from my life that do not line up with my calling, that are just a waste of time.

2 - Creativity can mean anything

It's not just about music (Though I plan on making a lot of music). It could be creativity in the the way we spend our weekends as a family. It could be that I get some paint brushes and paint. It could be that I write more.

3 - It fits my calling

I know a large part of my calling is music. That's why I love this word creativity so much. It fits so well with it.

Being creative is a very active thing. I can't just passively let it happen. I have to constantly be looking for new opportunities to be creative. So I set myself two goals to try and stay in this state of mind.

1. No Zero Days

Every single day, do something creative. It doesn't matter how small it is, just don't let a day go by where you did ZERO creative stuff.

2. See What Sticks

Try things, give up, discover that you hate painting or playing the trombone or whatever. Just try new things. And then see that you take a liking to, see what sticks around.

Thanks for reading my first post of many. If you have a word for this year, let me know on Twitter or Instagram @_samuelbeard.

Here's to 2020!