Quick Preview - Camera Settings Generator

Here is a quick preview of an app I have been working on.

You upload a photograph and the app will generate an image for you displaying the camera settings used to take that photo. The generated image is 1080x1080 pixels which is perfect for uploading to Instagram.

I envision the generated images being uploaded along with the actual photo on Instagram by professional and hobby photographers.

Here is what the app looks like at the moment: The app

Here is an example on an image uploaded to it: Uploaded photo I have no idea why this image is being displayed sideways sometimes.

Here is what the app generates for that image: The generated image

This app isn't up on the internet at the moment unfortunately. As it requires a server to do some processing.

I may put an ad on it when I do deploy it so that I can hopefully recover the cost of having it up.

Right now, I have been calling the app Image Details Generator or Camera Settings Generator but both of those name suck. If you have any better ideas, let me know.