It was hard to gauge how far from the car park the camp site was. We went there only a week before but because it was just adults we walked pretty fast. But with a three year old walking and a nine month old on my back, it seemed a lot further.

We stopped by some of the bigger geocaches we found last week so that the little ones could experience finding the "treasure".

When we arrived at the forest where our campsite was, we turned of the trail and into the wild. Each of us had a different idea of which direction the site was in but we eventually found it and began collecting wood.

Things were a lot dryer than last time due to the lack of rain so it was easy to find good wood. And once enough was collected, Dan had a go at lighting the fire with natural tinder. But again, we had no luck and less time to try. So I pulled out some char cloth that I had made a few days before.

The char cloth was strips of muslin that had been "cooked" in a tin over a fire. This process removes all the oils and moisture from the cloth, making it almost pure carbon.

The char cloth lit on the first strike of a ferro rod. It was so easy. And I will be making much more of this cloth in the future to keep in my tinder box.

Once we had the fire going nicely and some sticks had been made pointy, we roasted marshmallows and made smores. This was a perfect snack for the campfire as it gave the fire itself a reason to be built. I didn't really want to build a fire just for the sake of it as it feels like a waste.

Just like last time though, life got in the way and we had to leave quite soon after we had eaten. Next time, we will make sure we have a whole day to do it.

Lessons Learned

Have more time

Same as last week, we need more time.

Find better seating

It was really hard to sit on the uneven ground around the camp fire. If this site becomes a regular place for us to visit, we should think about gathering some larger logs for benches.

Sharpen knives

When making the pointy sticks, it was very apparent that my knife was not up to the task. It was in desperate need of sharpening. So I will try to keep my cutting tools in good condition at all times.

It was too far to walk to collect the caches we missed last time. So those ones will probably be left for a solo excursion.

The family